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What is an annuity?

An annuity is a financial agreement with an insurance company, involving either a lump-sum payment or regular installments. In return, you receive guaranteed periodic payments, starting either immediately or in the future. This provides a dependable income stream for retirement, ensuring financial security. Learn how annuities can be customized to support your long-term retirement goals.

How Annuities Works

An annuity is a financial product that provides a reliable income stream, primarily used for retirement planning. It works by converting a lump sum or series of payments into a steady cash flow. Here’s a breakdown of how annuities function:

  1. Initial Investment: You start by either making a single lump-sum payment or a series of payments over time to the insurance company.
  2. Accumulation Phase: If you opt for deferred payments, your money grows during the accumulation phase. This period involves the initial investment accruing interest, typically at a rate specified in your annuity contract.
  3. Distribution Phase: When the agreed-upon time comes, usually after retirement, the annuity enters the distribution phase. Here, the insurance company begins making regular payments to you. These payments can be set for a specific period or for the rest of your life, depending on the type of annuity.
  4. Types of Annuities: There are various annuities to choose from:
    • Fixed Annuities: Offer a guaranteed payout, with a fixed interest rate.
    • Variable Annuities: Allow investment in different securities, with payouts depending on investment performance.
    • Indexed Annuities: Tie your returns to a market index, offering a blend of security and growth potential.
  5. Benefits: The main benefits of annuities include tax-deferred growth, a predictable income stream in retirement, and options for a death benefit for beneficiaries.
Unleash Your Financial Growth
Unlock your financial potential with annuities and experience the following advantages:

Guaranteed Income Stream:

One of the most significant advantages of an annuity is the guarantee of a steady income stream. This can be for a set number of years or for the rest of your life, providing financial stability and peace of mind in retirement.

Tax-Deferred Growth:

With annuities, your investment grows tax-deferred, meaning you don't pay taxes on the earnings until you start receiving payments. This can result in a larger accumulation of funds over time, compared to taxable investments.

Flexibility and Customization:

Annuities come in various forms, including fixed, variable, and indexed, allowing customization based on your risk tolerance and financial goals. Some annuities also offer add-ons like death benefits, income riders, or inflation protection, further tailoring them to your specific needs.

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